Thursday, August 2, 2012

Saying Goodbye

I cannot believe that I have been living in India for over two weeks.

We left rising star at three this morning and I said bye to Anan when he dropped us off at the airport. What a special friend.

It's crazy the friends I've made here I will probably never see again.

I hope the best for them.

My sweet girls made me cry last night. I didn't think I would. 

I sat by Mary, Amsa, Vennemallar, Suba, Durga and Rishma during the choir and Life Dance performances.

They are precious.

All the people in their lives who love them, leave them.

Their parents sent them to this boarding school to have a better life, but that means leaving them.  Volunteers come in every three weeks who say they love them but have to leave as well.

I hope my girls learn a lot at Rising Star, work hard and keep loving each other.

Amsa was mad at me because I let Mary video record the program. She wouldn't talk to me.  I let Vennemallar video after Mary but Vennemallar gave the camera to Amsa. I told Vennemallar she's a good friend. She smiled at me.

I started to tear up during the last Life Dance performance to a David Archuleta song about leprosy.

My sweet girls came up to me, wiped my tears and asked me, "Auntie, why are you crying?"

I kneeled down, kissed their cheeks and told them it's because I'm going to miss them.

All the volunteers stood in a line and family by family, the kids walked down the line to say goodbye.

My girls were first but they all walked back behind our line to say goodbye to me again. Suba was bawling and my three girls Mary, Amsa and Vennemallar all gave me extra hugs. Mary stayed the longest.

She kept saying goodbye and waving as she walked away.

She was the first to say hi to me when I arrived and the last to say goodbye.  I LOVE HER.

My little boy Karthith was so cute. He gave me a big shy hug and I gave him a kiss on the cheek. All his buddies teased him for it. I wish I could have sung him to sleep one last time. I hope he stays sweet.

I have so much love for these kids that I had only known for a short period of time.

Love is powerful. Love given unconditionally knowns no limits. 

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