Wednesday, August 1, 2012


Carrying piles of bricks and bags of sand...

reminds me to let go.

This morning was my group's fourth time on the construction rotation. Some groups have only done it twice.

In all honesty, I am grateful my group did the most construction. Manual labor is pretty much my calling in life. 

Construction was the rotation that built team camaraderie. Let's just say my team had lots of bonding.  

Plus, there is nothing more rewarding than seeing something actually built from hard work.

For construction we were working in one of the leprosy colonies by piling supplies to make new toilets for people's houses. 

All day we moved sand and bricks to their prospective locations. At times it seemed like we were moving sand and bricks just to have something to do.

My team was hilarious. We always found ways to keep ourselves entertained during the monotony of the day. 

We sang, danced, made videos and tried as hard as we could to meet the individuals we were serving. 

Though the days were long and hot we always had a great time. 

This morning I was goofing around at construction, the only thing that keeps my team working through the sweltering heat. I started making up songs. I thought I was Taylor Swift. 

I started singing a song about the bricks. 

My song lyrics related carrying burdens or heartache like carry bricks. They are heavy, uncomfortable  and I couldn't wait to put them down. 

We had to walk down a long path carrying the bricks. That path reminded me of my path of life. 

Even though I can't wait to drop my burdens and the path is long, I keep carrying them. Why don't I put them down when I need to?

All I have to do is give my burdens to the Lord, utilize the atonement and move on. 

It is so great that I do make mistakes because that means I'll have the opportunity to learn from them. 

My goal for this summer was to figure out which direction to take my life. I thought traveling would give me a different perspective from which to analyze myself. 

It did just that.

But I didn't get the answers I expected. 

We have two sayings at Rising Star. 

"When in India" and "This is India." Both sayings explain that things aren't always going to go as expected or how they would typically, but in India it's okay. 

I have learned that life isn't always going to go as I had expected. I have always known that, but thought I was the exception. 

I have relied on the Lord a lot while out here to get me though the changes that come with growing up.

Taking my concerns to the Lord has helped a lot. I have been able to feel better about situations I had expected to be a harder trial. 

There is a quite confidence that comes from having faith that the Lord will provide opportunities for peace, joy and happiness if I only follow his commandments. 

Having a relationship with my Savior has been immensely important while figuring out the direction my life will take. 

I am grateful for the gospel of Jesus Christ and the relationship I have built with Him and am constantly trying to strengthen.

He takes my burdens and leads me down my path in the direction that will be best for me. 

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