Sunday, July 29, 2012

Two Wheels and Animal Prints

Anan always has high adventure activities planned for us after doing medical service in the colonies. 

This week he took us to the ZOO! 

We were going to ride a golf cart around the zoo as a group, but instead we decided to ride bikes! 

A man wanted his son in our picture and I'm sorry but I gave him a wrong email address when he told me he wanted to send the picture to me. I had one on my camera, I didn't need it. 

The bikes were the best part of going to the zoo. 

Everyone was so excited to ride bikes except for my roommate from South Africa, Maryke. I was not a thoughtful roommate at all. Before we left for the colony she told me she wasn't feeling well. I completely forgot until she had to stop biking and sit out the rest of the day. Whoops. 

The funny thing about the zoo in India is it has animals that we see all the time in Utah, like deer. 

Anan took us to see the deer, otters and peacocks; all of which are pretty common. 

We told him we wanted to see the big animals, but he had spent so much time taking us around the bird section that we had to speed through seeing the tigers, giraffes and elephants. 

Having red rice and curry every night gets pretty boring, so after begging and begging Anan took us to Pizza Hut. 

I shared with my starving roommates back at Rising Star.

Pizza Hut is SUPER. 

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