Tuesday, July 24, 2012

My Babies

It's hard not to pick favorites.

My very first day at Rising Star I saw a cute little girl from the second story of the girls' hostel. She started yelling my name. Don't ask me how but she could read my name tag from where she was. She ran down and straight to me. Since then, she and I have been inseparable. 

When I was assigned my family I was disappointed I didn't have her family. 

Her name is Mary and she is in the same family with all my other 'favorite' gals. Their family is named Sarah's family. I think we were destined to be friends. 

This is Mary and her cute little brother. 
She is such a good sister. 

It's probably for the best that I am not in their family because I am with them every play time anyway. Sometimes I stop by their room on my way to my little boys for family time. 

When I stop by they love to put henna all over me. Tonight Amsa wrote her name on my hand because I keep forgetting it and they wrote my mom's name, Julie. They love to ask about our moms. 

These girls are my babies. 


Amsa and Degiva

They are divas, they have so much attitude.

They are always jumping on me and hanging all over me. 


These little girls have so much love for each other. They scream at each other and fight over my iphone but at the same time would never leave each other out. They are family. 

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