Thursday, July 26, 2012


I have been surrounded by teaching my entire life. 

My mom recently retired from teaching elementary school. She was a reading specialist and helped kids who weren't on reading level but didn't qualify for special education. 

Through the years I spent plenty of time with her in her classroom. I have been exposed to so much education and structured teaching. I've even helped teach classes while my mom's co-teachers had to take care of things. Call me a teen substitute teacher. 

There were plenty of times my mom told me I would make a great teacher, even though she didn't wish the occupation on me. 

Rising Star advertises this volunteer experience mostly having us do medical care for those who are afflicted with leprosy. While I was explaining what I was going to do before I came I talked about how it will help give me experience for my medical career. 

In reality this experience would do much more for me if I was planning to be a teacher. 

Which after today I am certain I will never do!

The only reason this girl liked me was because I shared my Nature Valley granola bar with her, which was totally against the rules. I'm a rebel. 

All the volunteers are split up into three groups and we rotate daily between medical care in the colonies, community service doing construction and tutoring the children at the boarding school where we are staying. 

My group has only been able to do medical care twice and as you can see from my blog posts those are the most amazing experiences I have had. 

When my group is assigned to tutoring the children I am a slacker. The first time we had education I had a valid excuse for falling asleep while the children were reading to me- I hadn't been able to sleep the night before. Since then, I have had two other tutoring days, and yes they have been just as miserable. 

Today I purposely made a girl get the wrong answer on her math homework and had to walk out of the room to make my blood stop boiling. 

She knew the answer. I know she knew how to do the problem. We were working on rounding. She was not trying to figure it out myself. I was frustrated. 

She looked at me and asked if her answer was right every time. She guessed and then expected me to tell her the answer. Typical child, I know, but I just wanted her to try. 

I was a real big bully making her get the wrong answer.

I have never stayed for the whole day of tutoring. My cot in my nice air conditioned room is much more appealing to me than either falling asleep with the children or wanting to pinch them. 

I have so much respect for all teachers. Thank you for putting up with me and helping me learn and grow. Thank you for having the patience I don't have. Thank you for all the time and preparation you put into teaching. 

I love my girl Amsa
She was the only good part of tutoring 

Mom, you are amazing. You inspire me and I have so much respect for you teaching children how to read. It's hard, but so necessary.  I think you should be here teaching these sweet children, not me.  This is your element. A great retirement option, I'd say.  :)

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