Monday, July 23, 2012

Sunday Worship

Sign ups for Eternal Life

The Walkway of Hope
(donated by the fans of David Archuleta, kind of really makes me laugh)

There was a sign up sheet to go to church today and our room didn’t make the cut. After spending my morning on sleep, scripts and surfing the web, I decided to finally get out of the hostel.  The thing that got me moving was the fact that the Internet stopped working. 

My roommates and four other volunteers that also didn’t get to go to church went exploring.  We found a village about an hour walk away from our hostel. It was beautiful. All the people came out of their houses to say hi to us.

They wanted to take pictures with all of us.

Mothers were handing us their children. Okay yes, we will take your children. I still am not sure if they just wanted us to take pictures with them or actually take them. We eventually put the children down and ignored their gestures we didn't really understand. 

The language barrier makes things a little awkward. 

We walked into a little community, but got scolded and pushed out of there. Maybe wandering off the main road into a peoples front yards was a little too invasive. 

The man who told us to get out of their homes became our tour guide. He led us down the streets and to two of their temples. 

We stopped at the first temple just to take pictures and a local lady came stomping across the street, grabbed Cassie by the arm and dragged her up the steps of the temple. The lady unlocked the gate and took Cassie inside the small room.

We were all caught up in taking pictures but the lady let us participate in the ceremony. I'm sure we were very disrespectful and I regret that. None of us knew what to do or what was expected of us. 

She was searching for something and then put white and red chalk on all our foreheads. We were mimicking her every move unsure of what we were supposed to do. We all laughed at how naive we all were. 

She was yelling at us as we left- we think she wanted us to keep our shoes off as we walked to the next temple. There was no way our uncalloused feet could handle the burning black asphalt. 

Our tour guide told us the second temple was only completed the month before. He helped construct it. This temple worships their village God. It was breathtaking to see such an intricate temple built for such a humble village. 

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  1. Thanks Sarah, keep the pictures and stories coming!