Friday, July 20, 2012

Fun Facts

All the houses have these beautiful designs drawn with chalk in front of either the gate to their house, or in front of their doors. 

I asked Xavier, the drill sergeant of construction, why these drawings were there and he explained. Every morning the members of the house clean and prepare their homes for the day. When they are done cleaning they poor water on the ground and draw these designs. 

They do this to represent being cleansed by God. When the sun rises in the morning it shines on the designs and the bright reflection reminds them of the power of God in their lives. 

At every railroad crossing there is a man whose job it is to put down the railroad bars to stop traffic. 

The funny thing is this man never knows exactly when a train is coming. He just puts them down when he feels like a train should pass. You could be waiting at the railroad crossing for as little as five minuets or you could be waiting for hours. 

All the trees on the side of the road are painted white because there are no street lights here. The people drive like lunatics, so they need to paint the trees so that at night they don't run into the trees. 

My bags arrived and I could not have been happier!

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  1. I am so glad your bags arrived. wishing you the best. how long will you be in India for? I love reading all your adventures! Keep them coming.. loved you.