Friday, July 13, 2012


   Today is a day most people take for granted. 

Tomorrow is a much better day.
Tomorrow the work will get done.
Tomorrow is when the goals of today will be completed. 
Even little orphans like Annie knew the benefit of tomorrow.
Tomorrow is a good day.

I love tomorrow. I am a big believer in the day. Tomorrow is when all my dreams are made true and I get to ride off into the sunset on a white horse with the love of my life. After all my days waiting for tomorrow, tomorrow has never come. My life is full of todays. My white horse hasn't arrived but I'm no sleeping beauty. I'm not going to wait around for tomorrow- I'm embracing today. No matter how great I've imagined tomorrow to be, it never compares to the adventure of today!

   TODAY I am going to India

Not even in any of my Tomorrow dreams did I picture going to India - India was always a Someday-Maybe day. 

   TODAY Cassie Mabey and I are waiting for a delayed flight. This puts us a whole day behind schedule.

   TODAY I am apprehensive about being in a whole new world for a month. 

I hadn't thought much about going up until two days ago. Cassie's parents took care of the flight and our extra weekend tour in Dehli. They sent me the information and I was ready to go. Since I didn't have to think about it, I didn't. All I knew is I was going and I was excited for the adventure. 

I have spent the past month on another adventure in Nashville, Tennessee. I was preoccupied in Tennessee so I didn't worry about my trip to India. 

When I am really nervous about something or unprepared I tend to put it out of my mind. I'd rather not deal with the stress. It'a a coping mechanism, obviously. I don't know how beneficial it is, but it keeps me happy. 

Don't worry, Be happy

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  1. This is exciting...but as your relative, I am nervous (Yes, I have seen 'Taken') :) Good luck, I am so jealous!