Thursday, July 26, 2012

One Person Can Make A Difference

Be the change you wish to see in the world. 

Last night during dinner Amy, one of our coordinators, read us a blog. 

This story comes from Dr. Kumar,

"I am back to blog.. After almost 6 months i am back from hibernation..

This is a story of a man who makes me wonder, What will make these people cry?
It is amazing how they take all their losses, all their sufferings, but still hardly let out their emotions..
But, i guarantee when they do it, it will seriously make you think..
I have always noticed this man, sitting next to me on the floor every time i visit his colony. He would come first and sit next to me with his medical case file, never in a hurry and never misses a single medical visit. He just had one leg, the other one was artificial.. Eventhough i have the medical history of most leprosy affected people i treat, his was always missing, may be after seeing him all day next to me and always smiling i didn't bother to stir his past.
In May 2010, i was going through the medical records, and found out he wasnt there for past 2 visits, i was anxious, he was always regular, if he didn't come then something must be wrong..

On my next visit i went to his house to look for him, it was closed from inside and i knocked it, no one opened it for a while, i enquired the neighbour, they said he is in the backyard where they wash clothes, i went around to see the worst thing of my life, yes.. he was cutting the dead skin in his ulcer and two dogs close to him..
He tried to get up after seeing me, and said he is in serious pain and these dogs are his friends guarding him from other dogs.. Thank God..
He said he went to three hospitals and they said its very infected and they cant handle it there..
He himself recommended a place that treats only leprosy affected and he believed thats the only place for him to be admitted and operated. Its a 5 hour drive from there.. I wondered how he is gonna make it with such pain.
I assured him of all the support that i can do to help him, i arranged the head of the colony to accompany him and his wife.. At the last minute i went back and gave my cellphone number to him to call me if needed.
The next day around midday, i got a call while i was driving my car, usually i dont answer any calls when i drive, but that day i stopped my car and answered the phone, it was krishnan, he said he was stopped at the gate and they said his ulcer smells too rotten so that others will run away.. then i checked the google in my mobile to find the hospital number and talked to the head doctor there and convinced him that this man at the gate is an unfortunate leprosy victim who can be saved by a small effort by modern medicine, and all his medical expenses will be taken care off.. And i made the colony head to travel back to collect my letter and cheque for the surgery, i was later informed that surgery has been done..
Three weeks later i was told he is back home after surgery and i met him. He was about to cry, but he didn't, he said
"Sir, i was standing at the train station at that time when i called you in your cellphone, my wife was with me, i didn't tell her anything, but i decided not to be a burden for her anymore, i decided , if doctor sir answers i will live, if he doesn't i will jump before the train"

I was stunned, What ??? Answering a cellphone can save a life? I didn't have any words to say him, he told me this in all pain with no tears, the tears have dried up from their eyes decades ago.. Now he doesnt have both his legs, but he is free of pain.. Smiling..

I realized, you don't really have to move a mountain to help others.. Just small things.. Now i carry two batteries to my cellphone everyday..
The biggest disease today is not leprosy or tuberculosis, but rather the feeling of being unwanted. -Mother Teresa"

Today I had the opportunity to meet the man in this story. I was on the medical rotation and we were at a one of the larger colonies changing bandages and giving medication. I noticed one man with a prosthetic leg. Amy told me this was the man from the story. 

I watched him on the floor layering his socks one after the other to make his leg fit into his prosthetic boot. My heart pounded thinking of his life and what a simple act of kindness meant to him and his family. 

Dr. Kumar made a difference by simply answering his phone. 

This morning I was reading the Book of Mormon in Alma. Chapters 17-20 relate the story of Ammon who goes to the land of Ismael and becomes a servant for King Lamoni. As a servant to the king, Ammon used his talents and strengths to bare testimony of the Lord Jesus Christ and His church to King Lamoni and his people. He baptized many and established a church in the land. 

I was amazed at the difference one man could have on a whole group of people by simply serving and using the opportunities given to share his knowledge of the gospel of Jesus Christ. 

Ammon made a difference by simply sharing what he knew. 

I hope I can make a difference in someone's life. 

I had the opportunity to wash the ulcer's. I wanted to wash their feet. One man had the worst ulcer I've seen. His toe nails were rotten and outgrown. I had a tool to trim them, but his nail was so overgrown it wouldn't fit in the tool. I worked for a long time trimming his nails. Pieces were flying all over the room. I felt bad when one flew into his wound. 

I really enjoyed cutting his nails. I know how good it feels to have my nails cut and I felt some relief being able to do that for him. 

I am having experiences that show me it's the simple things in life that matter. I've always known this. Everyday I have to remind myself what I really desire so I don't get wrapped up in what I think I need to make me happy. 

All I need is family and good friends, people I can love and serve with all my heart. 

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